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Meurer launches vaccination campaign against coronavirus

Since June 11, 2021, the company doctor at Meurer has been vaccinating Meurer employees, working with a vaccination team. Employees can get vaccinated against coronavirus on four dates that have been scheduled so far.

Meurer is now bringing out new weapons in the fight against coronavirus. Alongside the measures already rolled out to ensure the health of all employees, Meurer employees can now also get vaccinated. This has seen the company erect a tent opposite its headquarters in Fürstenau and ordered vaccine doses from BioNTech/Pfizer and Johnson&Johnson. Thanks to the vaccination team, all employees who have registered can get their first vaccination on four scheduled dates. The next step will be to immunize employees’ relatives.

The company doctor, two assistants and two Meurer employees make up the The five-person vaccination team. A Meurer employee is also handling all the planning and coordination. After two successful dates, more are to follow soon. The next date will be in the next week.

This is a great success for our employees, as each vaccination gives Meurer’s employees more freedom again and means that some measures can be relaxed. The health of the whole team and the safety of all our employees remains our top priority. Decisions on possible relaxation of measures are therefore made jointly with the Works Council.

So that we can continue to be there for our customers, safely and protected, in the future. Plan for the worst, hope for the best!

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